« A REGIONAL GNSS/GPS NETWORK FOR MONITORING THE CARPATHIAN-DANUBIAN-PONTIC SPACE DEFORMATIONS AND THE IMPACT OF LOCAL EARTHQUAKES » The modern Romanian GNSS/GPS (Global Navigation Satellite System/Global Positioning System) network started in 2001, when the first permanent station was installed on the Lacauti peak in the mountainous zone of the Carpathian Bending Zone, West of the Vrancea epicentral area. Nowadays the network has 24 operational stations and 3 more under construction in 2017. Main objectives such as monitoring the surface expressions of the crustal changes occurring in and around the Romanian Carpathians and the neighboring tectonic units, as direct expression of the tectonic processes viewed at a larger scale (for example on the Northeastern flank of the Africa-Europe interaction) and observation of the crustal motions in order to better understand the surface-to-depth interconnections of intermediate deep earthquakes with shallow expressions in the Vrancea zone, can be highlighted. The GNSS/GPS network can also provide improved, reliable, high-accuracy environmental measurements for global weather forecasts, climate monitoring, earthquake precursors (ionospheric studies), coseismic studies, GNSS positioning and navigation, and other research for complementary purposes.

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